Large projects around the world
Examples include:
Seconded to VTB, Russia's 2nd largest bank, working with Renaissance Capital, to develop and manage the retail logistics for one of Russia's largest share offers (December 2006 to June 2007)
Seconded to Standard Life to manage the logistics workstream for their demutualisation and listing including overseeing branch offices in 4 countries (March 2004 to August 2006).
Engaged by the Department of Public Enterprises of the Government of South Africa, and seconded to J P Morgan and Deutsche Bank, its joint financial advisers, to assist in developing and managing the retail offer logistics for the sale of shares in Telkom SA (April to October 2001 and from August 2002 to May 2003)
Engaged by C&C (Ireland) and its financial adviser, Davys Stockbrokers, to advise and manage the retail offer logistics, including the printers, call centre and receiving bank, until the project was aborted (April to August 2002).
Engaged by Sun Life of Canada to organise and oversee the logistics of their merger with Clarica, including printing, mailing and call centre activities (November 2001 to February 2002).
Engaged by NCB Stockbrokers and Goldman Sachs, on behalf of Valentia, to assist with the logistics for the bid and to advise on methods for optimising retail response (July 2001 to January 2002).
Seconded to Sun Life of Canada in Toronto to advise on the logistics of their conversion to limited company and flotation, including overseeing the operations in their offices in North America, UK and south east Asia (February 1998 to May 2000).
Engaged by the company and its financial adviser (Morgan Stanley) to advise on the retail offer, conducted entirely online in the UK and Norway, as part of its flotation (January to March 2000).
Engaged by Old Mutual of South Africa to advise on the logistics of their conversion to limited company status, and on their subsequent flotation (December 1997 to March 1999).
Seconded to South African National Life Assurance Co. ("Sanlam") as the project manager in charge of all logistics aspects of their conversion to limited company status, and their subsequent flotation; overseeing operations in South Africa and other African countries (December 1997 to January 1999).
Engaged by First National to carry out a review of project logistics for adequacy (September 1997).
Engaged by Norwich Union to manage the logistics of their conversion to plc status, and the subsequent flotation (including the issuing of shares to over 3 million members); including printing, call centre, direct mail, receiving bank, registration and cheap share dealing operations (January 1996 to October 1997).
Assisted NatWest Markets (joint global co-ordinator) in the development and running of a new global bookbuilding system for the Australian government's second offer of shares in the Commonwealth Bank (September to December 1993).